Living in Chicago means spending some holidays with just the two of us.  Which, to be completely honest, is totally fine by us.  We love our families, we’ll see them soon, but a peaceful Easter alone is pretty great.  Because that means I get to cook us dinner.

Here’s my wife and her legs doing a little work first thing in the morning.


In the early afternoon we went for a walk, hoping the Easter candy would already be on sale.  It wasn’t, but since I unwisely decided to daydrink a little rum on an empty stomach I walked out of Walgreens with a St. Jude prayer candle, because at the time it seemed like the patron saint of lost causes would be the right guy to bring us good luck.

Again, made sense at the time.

My go-to meal choice for our lonely holidays is nachos.  I’m not a fancy man.  But I know what I’m good at.  And I ‘m pretty damn good at making nachos.

Tortilla chips go in the oven first until the oils begin to release.  Pull them out and squeeze lime over top.  As they cool the lime juice will be absorbed.


I used ground turkey for these ones.  Chopped onion first, then turkey with paprika, cumin, Worcestershire, a little red wine to make it taste beefy, and a little broth once the meat has browned.  Throw in a handful of frozen corn when nearly all the liquid has evaporated.

Get some refried beans cooking, and throw together some guacamole.


Cover the cooled chips with some cheese and pop in the over for two minutes, just to give a nice base coat over the chips before stacking on toppings.

Layer on the beans, then the turkey, then another layer of cheese.

Bake for a few minutes to get the cheese to desired level of meltedness, then top with guacamole and diced tomatoes.



Sit down with wife at table, turn on some DVR’d Jeopardy episodes, crack open a beer, light a candle to get your hygge going (hygge please!), and enjoy.




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