I joined a writing group at the Harold Washington Library just to keep my head in the game.  I have a bad habit of finishing something (a story, a novel, a play) and then just moving on.  I’m trying to keep focus here.  So our first assignment is to, as the title says, write a piece first with three facts and one lie, and then write a piece with three lies and one truth.  So…

Three Truths and a Lie – Alex Trebek

  1. Alex Trebek made broadcast history in 1991 by hosting three game shows at the same time.  Jeopardy of course, but also To Tell The Truth, and Classic Concentration.
  2. He once injured his Achilles tendon and had to wear a cast for six weeks when he awoke to find a burglar in his San Francisco hotel room.  Alex, who was naked at the time, chased the burglar down the hallway of the hotel until he heard something in his ankle make a popping noise, and he crumpled to the floor in a pile of nude Trebek.  The burglar was never apprehended.
  3. Alex is not really Canadian, although he does have Canadian roots.  His mother is originally from Ottawa, but he was born in Buffalo, New York.  In the early eighties he was best friends with Alan Thicke and Dave Coulier, who the CBC dubbed the “Canadian Rat Pack,” which did nothing to dissuade the public’s opinion of his citizenship.
  4. Alex holds the Guinness world Record for hosting the most episodes of a game show, a whopping 6,829 episodes as of June 13, 2014.

Three Lies and a Truth – Pat Sajak

  1. Pat Sajak was an army sniper during the Vietnam War.  Across his upper back are a series of tattoos: One slash mark for every confirmed kill during the war (a total of 37).
  2.  Pat Sajak was parodied on Sesame Street by a Muppet named Pat Playjacks hosting “Squeal of Fortune,” a show in which contestants had to guess how many times a pig in the center of the wheel would squeal in terror before the wheel stopped spinning.
  3. Pat carries a handgun with him at all times which at first made his co-host, Vanna White, very uncomfortable, but over the years they have become “shooting buddies,” often spending afternoons together at the Culver City Shooting Range.  Vanna’s first paper target, which she only managed to nip the corner of, is framed and autographed in her dressing room, a birthday gift from Pat, who claims she is now just as talented as he ever was.
  4. Is a self-proclaimed Jimmy Buffet super fan (or Parrothead), and has seen him perform on more than 60 occasions, once on Pat’s 70th birthday when his wife threw him a luau-themed surprise party, complete with leis, hula dancers, and a roasted pig cooked underground while wrapped in palm fronds.

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