We won free tickets to C2E2 (Chicago Comic-book and Entertainment Expo) this year.  I think we’ve gone pretty much every year since it’s inception, and that was just after we had our first taste of glorious nerddom at the 2008 San Diego Comic Con.  We’ve been addicted ever since.  The celebrities, the panels, the costumes, the new artwork and the overpriced food at McCormick Place are all part of the fun.

We discovered a simple little portable food while on vacation a few years back that we shove into my wife’s purse whenever we attend such events: peanut butter and bacon sandwiches.  It’s as easy to make as it sounds, and it’ll get you past the $6.99 slices of Connie’s being hawked to all the hungry fanboys.



Do I feel guilty eating bacon?  Yes I do.  How do I reconcile the two conflicting feelings?  Well, when I had a little more spending money I would make regular donations to a pig sanctuary in support of a cute old man named Napoleon.  I figured it would help offset my karma to do so.  I’m not going to post a link, just because I don’t think the sanctuary would want themselves linked to a blog post about bacon, but if you want more info let me know.

After a few false starts we finally made it.  (Does the rice trick really work for an iPad a water bottle emptied on? Asking for a friend’s wife.  Follow up question: Can I do anything with the rice after?  Asking for my friend’s wife’s cheap husband.)

Favorite costume seen: Jon Snow White.

Favorite schwag: Firefly Cast as cats coffee mug.  Purrenity!!!


I only went to one panel this time, the title of which seemed semi-significant to me:

Professional Geek: How to Turn Your Passion into a Career

And although the panelists were mostly from the tech community, I did find what they had to say motivational, and I look forward to writing with newly inspired gusto.

By the end it was all a bit of a whirlwind.  If you don’t like crowds, and I don’t, you can still manage.  Just be aware of where the main concourses are (the wider thoroughfares in the Exhibit Hall) and never stray too far.  Look up if the crowds get to you, realize there’s a ton of empty space just above your head.  Deep breaths.  And the thing I do that annoys my wife more than anything is I start humming.  It’s never a song of my choosing either, it’s whatever decided to jump into my brain at that moment.  For some reason it’s often Christmas carols.  I don’t know why.  It’s soothing.


Live long and prosper,



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