Brunch of champions.

Once a month our local movie theatre, the Logan, sets aside their lounge area for something called Flicks and Flakes.  It’s just like it sounds, we eat cereal (provided by the Logan) drink drinks (provided by the Logan for a price) and watch short movies revolving around some sort of theme.  In honor of C2E2, this month’s Flicks and Flakes was all about fan made superhero movies.

Batman vs Predator.  Dark and weird, watch it here.

Aquaman waterskiing on dolphins (mom and dad) and narrated by Jacque Cousteau. Watch it here right now!

Troops.  Like Cops but with storm troopers.

We also had Spiderman swinging on what looked like a fishing net through the desert (what was he swinging on?!?!), the Incredible Hulk and the Thing get into a bar fight with Darth Vader, a dark, gritty look at the Power Rangers with James Van Der Beek and Katee Sackhoff, a Punisher followup produced by and starring actor Thomas Jane, and many more.

As always, a lovely way to spend a Sunday afternoon.



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