And a lot has happened. Two major things in fact:

1) We has to say goodbye to our little guy Henry.

Henry was an old man when he came into our lives seven years ago, and as awful as the decision-making was, we feel it was best for his comfort. His snores, stumbles and farts are still missed in our home.

2) I got fired.

For applying to another school. I don’t want to badmouth and bellyache about how things went down, but it was an uglier ending to my seven year career there than I would have preferred.

So two seven-year adventures ended within a week of each other. I told my wife she can’t leave me now otherwise my life will be a country song.


3) I got the job I had applied for. Just found out today. So aside from a bumpy transition, everything seems to be working out.

(Knocks on wood.)

More details to follow, but I’ll get to work with some of my favorite people in a much more laid back environment.

Oh yeah and

4) I’ve had several (I think around 12 now) friends offer to be my beta-readers for Welcome to Uranus, and I’ve also been in talks with a handful of professional editors to give it a read and fix all the plot holes and whatnot. My plan is to polish this turd as shiny as possible and then try to get it published traditionally. If nobody wants to publish it, then I’ll turn to self publishing, which is still a pretty good option.

That’s all for now. But remember…

Be excellent to one another, otherwise you can cash me outside.


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  1. That’s what I’m talking about!!! Can’t keep a good man down. Congrats Jason!! Looking forward to reading more……take care, keep in touch every once in awhile…..


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