Two weeks into my new job and everything seems to be going well. It’s been a whirlwind of information, only about half of which I’ve been able to absorb, but luckily I have a very patient teacher, and I’ve taken copious notes.

I will only be teaching one class next semester (although I will be supervising two clinics), and it’s a nice change of pace focusing all my attention on one class instead of barely keeping ahead of seven or eight classes. In fact, if for some horrible reason every other teacher at Harper decided to quit and I had to teach every single class on my own, that would still be fewer teaching hours than I was teaching at Soma. I very much hope that never happens though.

Speaking of Soma, there are some things I will miss.

1. The comaraderie of all the teachers and staff. If anyone needed help with a lesson plan there were usually two or three teachers with creative solutions, and if anyone needed to, let’s say kindly, vent, about a student or other problem, there was always an office full of coworkers willing to commiserate.

2. The students. Well, most of the students. At least half of the students. Probably one or two students. I’m kidding of course. I hated all of the students. Kidding again. I met some amazing people in those classes, and I hope to keep in touch and keep many of them in my life for a long time.

3. Mike Hovi. All the good things about a Soma education stem from this guy and his wealth of massage knowledge. I found myself telling classes on a weekly basis that Hovi would forget more things about massage than I’d ever know, and I do consider myself lucky to have worked along side him for so long and steal as many tips about teaching and the massage industry as I could get my little brain to absorb. He was often placed in the impossible position of being the buffer between the staff and the administration, and whether he knew it or not I always appreciated his efforts in this regard.

There are many things I won’t miss as well, but I’m not going to dwell on those. If I hadn’t worked at Soma for as long as I did I don’t think I’d be as prepared (and I don’t claim to be fully prepared) for the challenges of my new job, so I’m very thankful for that.

And now, since this is my blog, the obligatory pug pics.


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