I downloaded the soundtrack to Hamilton on July 4th, 2016. My wife and I listened to it on the way to a camping trip with friends, and then all the way back home again. Since then we’ve quoted it to (and at) each other relentlessly, we’ve watched the PBS special, we still have Lin Manuel-Miranda’s SNL episode on our DVR, and now we listen to the mixtape nonstop.

Last night we have tickets…

3pm: I leave work (work!) a little too early to beat rush hour so we can have dinner at The Berghoff before the show. It is snowing lightly, so it still takes an hour to get home, but it doesn’t ruin the story of tonight.

5pm: We Uber to the restaurant and have a very decent German meal and drinks. I get a Spiced Old Fashion, wife gets Something Like A Paloma, and then we get another (round tonight). Bavarian pretzel appetizer, I get the chicken schnitzel, wife gets the winner, though, with a molasses glazed pork chop which turned our worlds upside down.

7pm: We make our way over to the theatre, and despite the cold (burrrrrr… sir) we manage a selfie outside.

We smash through the crowds like Hercules Mulligan, the wife gets a drink, and I’m surprised they’re not serving Sam Adams.

7:30: The show starts…

So good you guys. Even all the background singers and dancers were amazing (one woman had the fittest arms I had ever seen, and both me and wife found her delightful and distracting).

During intermission you get a good sense of who has listened to the soundtrack religiously and who entered the theatre with no idea what they were getting into.

“Oh my gad, did you know they would be singing the WHOLE time?”

“Oh my gad, how do they sing so fast?”

“Oh my gad, is that really how that happened?”

Vs. the theatre nerds.

“Ohmigod King George is so much funnier than I imagined him!”

“Ohmigod I need to learn all the words to Lafayette’s rap!”

“OHMIGOD I wanted to sing along SO BAD!”

Okay, maybe two of those last ones were me and the wife.

Anyway, if anyone ever offers you tickets to this show, don’t say no to this, rise up, and don’t throw away your shot.

I have the honor to be your obedient servant,

-J. Von


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