The wife and I have been on a bit of a quest lately.  Not a big quest.  We haven’t been to Mordor or anything.  Just a mini-quest.   A single-serving quest, if you please.  A quest with about a third of the calories you would need to maintain your basal metabolic rate for one day.

We’ve been looking for a lamp for the living room.

One lamp to rule them all!

There’s a little antique shop just down the street that we’ve never been into but that we’ve always wanted to go to.  There’s also a restaurant, Son of a Butcher, which is right by that antique shop, which we’ve been to once before and that we’d been dying to try again.  So we made an afternoon of it.

Except the antique shop was closed.  The hours posted on the door said they should be open.  We could see through the window that there were several lamps that might have fit nicely in our humble room for living.  But alas, they would not be taking our money that day.


We proceeded to lunch, for it was well past elevensies.

For me to drink: $5 Sangrias.  I’m not sure how they made these, but it didn’t taste like a $5 Sangria.  So if you happen in there on a Sunday, save a few bucks and get drunk cheap.

My wife had a drink she loved last time called the Dove, which was basically a Paloma but slightly sweeter, making it a drink straight out of her diary.

She had the House Burger: 8 oz grass-fed burger topped with brisket, beer-battered onion rings, and chipotle queso, except she substituted cheddar for the chipotle queso.  And it was really good.

But I had the winner this time.

BBQ Brisket Hash: BBQ Brisket, chipotle queso sauce, and two any style eggs topped
with crispy onions.  Served over house potatoes with a side of toast.  I’ve had a lot of hashes in my day, but this one takes the taco.  The meat, the potatoes, the eggs and cheese sauce all melded together in harmony, like ebony and ivory…. and now I regret using that reference now instead of saving it for a meal with black beans.

“You’re my amigo, frijoles negro, let’s not fight…”


During lunch I remembered there was another antique store a little ways down California, and being a little toasty from the drinks we decided to venture further out in the snow and slush.  Turns out that store had closed a few years ago, but, again, emboldened by the booze, we knew there was definitely a resale shop a little further south on Milwaukee.

We found a lamp we really liked, but it had a lampshade like a stripper on it with many dangly sparkly bits.  So we very casually, while we hoped no one was looking, switched it with a more conservative lampshade, and for a whopping $7.76 we got us a new lamp.


And in case you’re wondering, we got the Christopher Walken tissue dispenser from Skippy Fantastic’s Pop Culture Emporium.


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