I’ve already posted this story to Facebook, but I figured it was worth repeating here.

We got new dogs!  Two of them!


They are eight year old pug sisters named Sasha and Cookie.  The wife is actively trying to find a new name for Sasha (on the right), but I like it so I’ve been shooting down all her suggestions.


Sasha is the bigger of the two.  26 pounds and barrel chested.  We’ve also discovered she’s a bit of a bully to her sister, sometimes mounting her (backwards, which we try not to laugh at, but alas) just to show dominance.  But even though she’s a little pudgy she’s got tons of energy, and has even leapt up onto the couch once or twice and loves to gallop during her walks.

Cookie is around 20 pounds and very sweet, although both pugs do this weird thing where if we put them in our lap they start growling at the other sister, and if we don’t put them down they gradually increase in anger.  We’re still figuring that fun little trait out.


And then there’s Bea, our OP.  She has tolerated the new circumstances so far, but she’s still a little confused.  Usually new dogs are just visiting for the weekend, so I’m guessing she’s just waiting for them to leave.

Anyway, here’s some more pics.






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