On my media consumption:

Just finished The Sparrow by Maria Doria Russell for book club and it was pretty amazing.  Jesuit priests go visit aliens and trouble ensues.  If you can think of a more perfect sci-fi concept, please do, and then write that book, and then I’ll read it.  But til then, y’all should just read this.

Just binged season 4 of Mozart in the Jungle.  Hailey (Hai-lai) Rutledge conducting is everything and brought me to spontaneous slurping tears twice.  Gael Garcia Bernal as Rodrigo trying to find his lost inner muse was almost equally as compelling, as anyone who’s reached middle age and asked “now what?” can attest to.


The wife and I have finally started watching The Handmaid’s Tale.  Um, not gonna lie, it’s kind of a bummer.  But kind of awesome, too.  Zoey Bartlet’s reaction to a night of Scrabble with the man who’s done horrible things to her is why all the awards belong to her.

And we rented Bad Moms Christmas the other night.  Not great.  Counted at least six different (and pointless) montages, and despite the abundance of added talent (Christine Baranski, Susan Sarandon, and Cheryl Hines to name a few) most of the jokes just felt shoehorned, as if filled in Mad-Libs-style while writing the screenplay.  The only highlight of this movie is an actor I have acting issues with (stop using the phrase “you know” as a comma), but Justin Hartley smiling while being waxed by Kathryn Hahn was just, you know, so like, amusing, you know.

On guns:

If you like guns I’m sorry.  I’m sure you think you have a valid reason why you deserve to have guns.  I know I know, that un-erasable Constitution of ours.  I get it, you took social studies in the fourth grade.

But I don’t like guns.  If it were in my power tot take away your guns I absolutely would.  They are instruments for killing and I don’t like killing.  That being said, I think a fine compromise would be a federal background check and a federal registration of all the millions of guns in the country.  And no guns that even resemble an assault weapon.  Again, I’m sure there are people who have valid reasons for wanting to own an assault-style weapon, but I also think most of those people are wrong.  Maybe find a healthier way to compensate.  Go to the gym, get a sports car, something like that.

And all that being said, there are people I love who own guns and love guns.  I can love people with differing opinions.  But I will never agree on this one.

On our new family members:

Here are some more pics of the pugs doing pug things.  Please for you to enjoy.



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