Hello fiends.  So, long story short, things didn’t pan out at Harper as I hoped they would.  I thought the full-time program coordinator position was mine, but turns out, surprise, no it’s not.  They hired somebody else.  And it stung a bit.

But, the truth is before Harper was even on the radar I was thinking about stepping away from teaching.  At least full-time.  So I’ve found what I think will be an awesome job.  I’m going to be the Spa and Retail Manager at Fitness Formula Clubs in Oak Park.  Fitness Formula Clubs seems like a great little organization, and everyone I’ve talked to from there has been super friendly, and I look forward to working there and working out there.  Free gym membership with employment!  I’m going to be gainfully employed and get big gains to boot!

I think I’ll also be able to stay out at Harper and teach one or two classes a semester as well, as I really do like it there, and I like the students, and I think I would miss teaching if I just gave it up cold turkey.

In different news, I’m also getting closer to publishing my book.  I’ve got someone designing the cover for me (figured that’s worth dropping a few dollars on, since, despite the advice, that’s usually how people judge the book).  And my wife is formatting it for me for the Kindle site.  So very soon.

I’ll update you all on both these when I can.

And until then, here’s a picture of Sushi desperately eyeing down some pizza.




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