New Dogs, Who Dis?

I’ve already posted this story to Facebook, but I figured it was worth repeating here. We got new dogs!  Two of them! They are eight year old pug sisters named Sasha and Cookie.  The wife is actively trying to find a new name for Sasha (on the right), but I like it so I’ve been […]

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Bourbon and Blogging: A Lamppost

The wife and I have been on a bit of a quest lately.  Not a big quest.  We haven’t been to Mordor or anything.  Just a mini-quest.   A single-serving quest, if you please.  A quest with about a third of the calories you would need to maintain your basal metabolic rate for one day. We’ve […]

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Bourbon and Blogging: Snowtime

On dreaming: I don’t like hearing about other people’s dreams. If your ever tempted to tell me about your dream that was so weird and meaningful to you, please remember most dreams are images your brain has decided to discard, but while doing that you attempt to link those images into a narrative. In other […]

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Bourbon and Blogging: And Peggy

I downloaded the soundtrack to Hamilton on July 4th, 2016. My wife and I listened to it on the way to a camping trip with friends, and then all the way back home again. Since then we’ve quoted it to (and at) each other relentlessly, we’ve watched the PBS special, we still have Lin Manuel-Miranda’s […]

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Bourbon and Blogging

On the new job: I still like it a lot.  But it is weird being the one in charge.  At my last job, at the end of the day, if a student couldn’t pass a test or he didn’t show up to class consistently, I could leave it all at work.  Not my circus, not […]

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